“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.”

Mark Rippetoe

Rebar Strength
Rebar Strength is our newest addition to Rebar Performance! The strength program will consist of Olympic Lifting, Traditional Power Lifting movements such as dead lifts, back squats, etc., and accessory pieces to fortify the core and isolate certain muscle areas. Our warm ups and dynamic drills will get your primed and ready for each session!
Each athlete will have access to custom programming from Aaron Smith (bio below). Aaron interned with the strength and conditioning programs at Vanderbilt University as well as the University of Kentucky. Aaron’s program is designed to maximize strength gains while improving upon all the technical aspects that come with Olympic Lifting. His expertise means there is NO pre-requisite knowledge needed to join this program.
Rebar Strength can benefit the high school athlete wanting to go from the bench to starting, the stay at home mother who wants to be strong for her children increasing bone density and muscle mass by lifting something heavy under proper guidance, the man over 40 years old wanting to turn back the clock and is tired of gradual muscle loss that happens over time.
If you want to schedule a free consultation, complete the contact form below and our staff will reach out to you!
My name is Aaron Luke Smith and I am from a small town called Eclectic, AL. I graduated from Elmore County High School in 2014, and then continued pursuing my education at Berry College. While I was there I studied Exercise Science, Obtained a minor in psychology, and obtained my USAW certification. I also played football for the Vikings where we ended up with 2 conference championships in the first 5 years of the program. During my time at Berry I was a member of the Berry College Strength Staff and worked hands on with the sports teams there designing and coaching workouts for Berry College teams. I also completed two rigorous internships with Vanderbilt University Football Strength and Conditioning and one internship at the University of Kentucky’s Olympic Strength program. While I was there I was able to train athletes at a high level and see what it takes to be a coach in the SEC. At this time I am working to be able to start a Graduate Assistant role in the fall of 2019. Until then I will be working here at Rebar Performance designing and running the strength program. I’m excited to see what the future holds here at Rebar and I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know you all better. Thank you for this opportunity to get better with you all and God Bless.
Aaron Smith