“But as for you, be strong and do not give up,
for your work will be rewarded.”

2 Chronicles 15:7

About Rebar Performance

Why name the facility Rebar?  Our goal at Rebar Performance is to strengthen several areas in member’s lives including fitness, nutrition, friendships, and even faith.  Rebar is often used in the foundation of a structure helping to bear the weight of the building itself, and this is how we want to be viewed in the lives our members.



CHOOSE YOUR FITNESS-  We offer three fitness programs at Rebar Performance: our Launch Bootcamp, Timpi Yoga, and Pike Road CrossFit.  As the owner of Pike Road CrossFit before our new facility, I would have people routinely try to get me to sell their significant other or best friend on CrossFit even though they were involved in different programs.  I would always ask one question-“Are you having fun training?”  If the answer is a resounding yes, then why change?  Now, we have three completely different styles of getting into great shape and I can personally guarantee all three programs will give you the best hour of your day!


We are partnering up with licensed nutritionists to not only educate you on a healthy diet, but to personally design a meal plan for you while making sure you are sticking to it.  With so many misconceptions about what to eat plus misconceptions about magic pills or cleanses to get quick results, this professional knowledge is invaluable as we will give you the pathway to a healthy lifestyle


I cannot keep count with the amount of people who have lifelong friendships that blossomed at our facility.  Marriages, yes multiple, have come from our place and we routinely watch parents and children workout together and reconnect.  We help strengthen our community with movie nights on our turf facility for kids with face paint, popcorn, and bounce houses while also providing paleo dish gatherings for our adult members!


Men’s and women’s groups routinely meet to help strengthen your faith.  Dozens of these folks attend church together and the whole gym comes together for any member in need.  Our folks at this facility are top notch!