Do You Want to LOSE WEIGHT and GET FIT?

Here’s the Perfect New Year's Solution...

If You Want to Trim Your Waistline, and Tone Your Body in Just 90 Days! 

Even if You’ve Tried Everything Else and Failed!

Did you know? According to The National Weight Control Registry, 90% of People Fail at Losing Weight Through Diet Alone. ...Adding a Fitness Plan is the Key!

Breaking News: As a society, we sit around all day and people don’t know how to get in shape and STAY there. 

Plus, the food industry is marketing foods that are laced with sugar and preservatives creating food addictions and an overeating epidemic.  

That means you’ll struggle all your life to get rid of anxiety-inducing weight gain and you’ll never live up to your full potential and gain the FREEDOM of weight loss.

Let me introduce you to

The Rebar 90 Day Transformation

That Will Make You Stronger, Healthier and Boost Your Confidence While Breaking the Bad Habits Society Has Taught Us.

During The Rebar 90 Day Transformation Challenge, starting Monday January 4th, you’ll…

  •  Melt Away Fat to Reveal the Body Results You Desire. 
  •  Put Your Metabolism in High Gear So That You Burn Extra Calories Long After Your Workout.
  •  Be Encouraged by Other Health-Minded Peers So You’ll Successfully Reach Your Goals.
  •  Sleep Better and Have More Energy To Live Your Best Life. 
  •  Improve Your Mental Health and Moods For A Positive Outlook Throughout the Day.
  • And, If You’re A Parent, Your Transformation Will Inspire Your Children to Have a Fit Lifestyle Too!  
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Rebar Performance Makes Exercise Addictive!

Since 2012... Hundreds of women and men have burned fat and reached new levels of health through Rebar Performance’s functional group fitness.  

No boring exercise routines here! Our Nationally Certified Coaches meet all member athletes at their level with personalized yet challenging workouts that replace fat with lean muscle.  

With a fully equipped 7500 square foot indoor gym and 14,000 outdoor performance turf field, Rebar Performance is conveniently located off Chantilly Parkway in East Montgomery.  

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Here's What Are Members Are Saying.

100 Pounds Lost!

"I was the first member in Rebar's history to lose over 100 pounds! I could not have done it without the amazing coaches who helped modify workouts for me based off of my current abilities. The coaches and other members kept me inspired on my long journey and I know I wouldn’t have reached my goal without Rebar.” 

~ Glenn W.

I Feared Looking Silly

“I’d never picked up a barbell, so the entire gym atmosphere was out of my comfort zone. I feared looking silly because I couldn’t do any of it. I’m a mother of two and this past year I deadlifted nearly 300 pounds. If you saw me, you wouldn’t believe I was capable of lifting that much – but I am now.”

~ Christy H.

Leaner & Stronger

“When I started I was fearful of hard workouts that I thought I couldn’t complete, but Rebar’s crossfit workouts have improved every aspect of my life. I’m a better mother because now I can actually lift my children, I have energy to play with them, and my emotions are more stable after my daily dose of encouraging friends and physical activity. Physically, I’m leaner, stronger, and fitter than I’ve ever been in my life. Coupling appropriate workouts and adequate nutrition has changed my life and I’m never going back!” 

~ Heather C.

Best Shape Since High School 

“I was bored doing typical gym stuff like the treadmill, bench presses, arm curls, and leg presses. I found myself skipping my workouts because of it. I made the switch to Rebar and was blown away by the fun and fresh group crossfit style workouts that have made me stronger. I’m now in my best shape since high school.” 

~ Jason W.

It's Priceless

"Rebar is a true foundation for my health and fitness maintenance. Rebar provides me close knit relationships that motivate me to keep walking through it's doors. Being able to be comfortable while working out, receiving encouraging words every workout, and feeling that family vibe is priceless."  

~ Kiki H.

Everyone Can Do The Workout

“I was afraid I would be the only one who couldn’t do things or that I would be the weakest one. What I found instead was a place where all different kinds of people are welcome and where everyone can do the workouts. Everyone celebrates your successes no matter how small.” 

~ Heather M.

What Are CrossFit Workouts? 

"A Method of Fitness Statistically Proven to Help You Be Successful."  

The CrossFit Method Works Because It… 

  • Burns More Calories - CrossFit workouts burn calories in less time and long after the workout has ended because of interval training. 
  • Keeps You Focused - The workouts are always different, working your whole body, to keep you physically and mentally focused. 
  • Prevents Injuries - The cross-training style of CrossFit prevents the injuries brought on by repetitive movements allowing you to keep burning fat and build lean muscle. 
  • Gain Real Life Strength - The functional movements used in CrossFit match real life physical requirements enabling you to get more out of each day. 
  • Encouragement - Crossfit at Rebar is a group workout with other health-aspiring individuals providing amazing encouragement and accountability to reach your goals. 
  • Personalized - Every workout in CrossFit can be changed to match each individual’s fitness and skill level. No one will ever feel left out or left behind!  

What's Included in Your  

90 Day Transformation?  

  •  You'll Start with 2 Personal Training Sessions
  •  5 AWESOME Fat Burning & Strengthening Group Classes Per Week
  •  7 Class Time Options (5:15am, 6am, 8:15 am (childcare provided), 11:45am, 4:30pm (childcare provided) 5:25pm (childcare provided), 6:45pm
  •  Morning and Evening FREE Child Care Availability
  •  3 InBody Analysis Scans (weight, body fat, muscle mass) 
  •  Healthy Foods Grocery List Print Out
  •  Support Emails each week of the program for continued Encouragement 
  •  An online community! Get to know your Rebar family through a private FB page.  

Total Value $975 New Year's Special Price: Only 3 Monthly Payments of $99 


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